Perplexity FAQ

What is Perplexity?

Perplexity is an alternative to traditional search engines, where you can directly pose your questions and receive concise, accurate answers backed up by a curated set of sources. It has a conversational interface, contextual awareness and personalisation to learn your interests and preferences over time.

Perplexity’s mission is to make searching for information online feel like you have a knowledgeable assistant guiding you, it is a powerful productivity and knowledge tool that can help you save time and energy with mundane tasks for a multitude of use cases.

You can learn more about Perplexity’s product and services on their website:

What is Perplexity Pro?

For more information on Perplexity Pro. Please visit the Perplexity website. Perplexity Pro is a premium subscription service that offers users access to advanced features and benefits, such as:

  • Practically unlimited Copilot queries: Copilot is an interactive search companion that can handle ambiguous questions and provide extensively researched answers with improved accuracy.
  • Ability to attach images and files: Users can upload various types of files, such as PDFs, CSVs, and images, and explore their contents with questions using cutting-edge models like Claude 2.1 and GPT-4V.
  • Choice of powerful AI models: Users can select their preferred model from options such as GPT-4, Claude 2.1, or Perplexity’s Experimental 70b, and also switch models within a thread.
  • API credit: Users get $5 every month to use on pplx-api, which provides access to the latest LLMs with continuous updates and competitive prices.
  • Pro support: Users can contact the Perplexity team directly via Discord, email, or Intercom, and receive faster and more personalised support.

Perplexity Pro is designed for users who want to make the most of Perplexity’s capabilities and enjoy a superior search experience.

Where can I find out more information about Perplexity?

You can find out more about Perplexity’s products and services on their official website. 

Billing & subscription

Coupons and discounts

Who is qualified for the offer?

Customers (from qualified regions) who purchase a Nothing Phone (2a) through or Flipkart (India) are eligible to receive a free Perplexity Pro subscription for up to 1 year as part of a special collaboration between Nothing Tech and Perplexity.

What regions is the offer available?

Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States* 

*Through dedicated Developer Program

How can I claim my free Perplexity Pro subscription?

After purchasing the Nothing Phone (2a), your activation link will be sent once your order has been shipped, we will send you the activation link via email. Follow the instructions provided to activate your Perplexity Pro subscription.

To apply a coupon to your account, please follow these instructions. Note that coupons can only be redeemed on the web and not through mobile apps.

  1. Visit and either create a new account or sign in to your existing one.
  2. Open the link provided to you in this email, you will be redirected to Perplexity.
  3. A pop-up will appear at the top, confirming the validity of the discount code and its application to the rest of the check out process.
  4. Continue by clicking on Get Started
  5. Upon checkout, your discount code will be automatically applied. If it’s not, you can take the discount code that appears at the top on the pop-up and manually input it where it says Add Promotion Code on the payment link.
  6. Click on "Subscribe" to finalise your sign-up process and start exploring Perplexity Pro features.

Until when is this offer valid?

The offer ends 19 March.

Is there an expiration date of the activation link?

Yes, the expiration date is 30 April

I have an issue with the provided activation link, what shall I do?

If you encounter issues with the activation link or the message doesn't display, contact support at

What happens to my Perplexity Pro subscription after the free year?

After the free subscription period ends, you will have the option to continue your Perplexity Pro subscription by subscribing at the current rate, or you can choose to revert to the standard Perplexity plan.

Do I need to provide payment information to activate my free subscription?

You will need to provide your credit card details when you redeem, however, you will not be charged for the first year.

Why do I need to provide payment details?

Your payment details are required as part of Perplexity's subscription model, even though no charges will be made at the time of signing up. This ensures a seamless transition into the paid subscription following any trial or discount period. Please note that at the end of the free subscription period, you will be charged for the subscription, taking this into consideration we invite you to make necessary adjustments to your subscription by going to on Manage Subscription.

What shall I do if I have an existing subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play?

If you have an active subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play, you must wait for it to end or apply it to a different account, as those payment systems are separate from Stripe. For guidance, visit Perplexity's Billing & Subscription section.

Can I share this coupon with anyone?

Coupons received through company deals or specific promotions are intended for individual use and should not be shared. Perplexity reserves the right to deny usage of a coupon if it violates our Terms of Service.

Can I apply multiple coupons to one account at once?

No. Only one coupon can be applied per billing cycle. To add a discount to an existing subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to, and in the Pro section, select "Manage Subscription."
  2. Choose "Update Plan," select the desired plan, and proceed to checkout.
  3. At the final confirmation page, click "Add Promotion Code" to apply your promo code.

Can I use an expired promo code?

Expired promo codes cannot be reactivated unless part of a specific company deal or exclusive promotion. For such exceptions, please contact support for assistance.

Are there specific terms and conditions for promo codes?

Yes. Each promo code has a set duration and expiration date. Check with the discount provider for these details.