Stage 2

Community Edition Wallpaper Design Brief

The second stage of The Community Edition Project is to create a series of wallpapers to accompany, and seamlessly integrate, with the winning Phone (2a) Community Edition hardware design. 

This is your opportunity to create a unique collection of wallpapers that will come pre-installed on a new Nothing device when it goes on sale later this year.

Each submission should feature 4 different wallpapers. Think of these as a collection or series, where each design is different but are clearly a part of the same group.

You can refer to the 4 wallpapers that shipped with Phone (2a) as an example:

As part of your submission, you should share the inspirations and ideation process behind your wallpaper series by responding to the following:

  • Describe your idea and what inspired it.
  • What tools were used to create the series?
  • What was your creative process?

We strongly recommend sharing the story behind your work as a way to strengthen your overall submission.

The submission deadline is 15 May at 10pm BST. Valid entries will then go forward to a period of community voting. Votes will be a key deciding factor for our internal panel who will determine the overall winner. The panel will include Mladen Hoyss, Software Creative Director and other members of the Software Design Team.

Wallpaper Dimensions

1084 x 2412 px

Wallpaper quantity


Cohesion with the winning hardware design 

  • We’re looking for a seamless journey from the moment people unbox Phone (2a) Community Edition to when they first turn it on. Think about how the theme incorporated on the back of the phone can influence the wallpapers on display at the front. The whole product experience should feel as one.

    You can refer to the winning submission of Stage 1: Hardware Design here.

UI elements

  • Take Nothing OS’s UI elements into consideration. Objects like the status bar, fingerprint sensor overlay and clock will remain clearly visible on top of your wallpapers. With this in mind, we don’t want your wallpapers to embrace UI elements by, for example, outlining them. Focus on creating distinct wallpapers that create a unique feel and atmosphere, rather than distract from the functional elements on screen. 

Keep it simple

  • A wallpaper should compliment the device's interface. Too many details or repetitive shapes can impact usability.

Have fun!

  • Think about your wallpapers as a series. What’s the winning thread that runs through all four designs? Consider colours and shapes that compliment the hardware design and play with patterns that make the wallpaper feel engaging and interesting to look at. 


  • The winning submission will go through a feasibility assessment for implementation and is therefore subject to change.
  • We believe in a future where AI elevates human creativity and talent. Your entry to the Wallpaper Design stage should be a display of your unique, genuine and distinctive creative process. If you decide to make use of a generative AI tool, we would like for you to use it to elevate your concept, not for it to generate a concept for you, and to openly state that you have used it, as well as explaining how it has helped you to elevate your idea.
  • Nothing reserves the right to choose any design submitted and will take Nothing Community votes into consideration.
  • Designs featuring third party IP, offensive words, symbols or ideas are not valid and will not go forward for voting or judging.
  • We are looking for a series of 4 wallpapers per entry. Submissions that feature too many or too few wallpapers may be rejected.
  • 1 submission per member.
  • Full T&C’s linked here.

Key Dates:

  • Submissions Open: 2 May 2024
  • Submissions Close: 15 May 2024
  • Voting Opens: 17 May 2024
  • Voting Closes: 22 May 2024

Download Links

Templates download


  • What do I get if I win?

    Winners will engage directly with the Nothing Team to collaborate and build on their winning submission. This collaboration may occur via video calls or in some cases, the winner may be offered an expenses paid visit to the relevant teams at their respective work location.

    All winners will be invited for a trip to London later in the year for an event to officially launch Phone (2a) Community Edition. Winners will of course also win the final product itself.

  • Yes, this is an essential aspect to entry and winner selection. If you win but are unable to commit to this, we may select an alternative winner.

  • No. This project is not designed to generate revenue but as an exploration of co-creation between Nothing and our community.

  • No. You are free to make submissions via any supported file types, including images, videos and text. The most important part of your submission is the idea.

  • Yes. We will celebrate the winners online throughout the campaign and on the product itself. We may even have your work showcased by a design publication.

  • Winners are chosen by internal panels at Nothing. Panels are made up of experts in the respective design discipline at each stage. Panels will be paying attention to the idea, the story and the overall design - they will also consider the community voting as an indication of a submission's popularity.

  • Yes! This is a project of collaboration after all.

  • No. Under the Terms & Conditions, participants assign rights to designs to Nothing. The reason for such assignment is that designs are closely tied to Nothing’s products and Nothing requires full rights to manufacture and distribute the winning Community Edition phones. Participants will be credited and retain a licence to display their design work. 

  • The stages are opened one after another, to ensure that the wallpaper, packaging and marketing campaign are each informed by the hardware design. There should be a cohesive look and feel across each of these aspects in the final product.

  • Yes!

  • No, we're looking for quality over quantity. Accounts will be limited to one submission each.

  • The competition is open to individuals over the age of eighteen (18). Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to accept submissions from countries/regions subject to sanctions or from individuals on export control or sanction lists. Please see our Terms & Conditions.